Legal committee

The FOBID Legal Committee deals with the legal aspects that are important for libraries, information and documentation centers. It initiates (inter)national actions and responses in this area. To this end, the FJC has regular consultations with the Ministries of OCW and Justice, and makes its voice heard in Europe.

Committee members:

  • Annemarie Beunen, National Library (advisor)
  • Clementine Bevers, National Library
  • Cynthia Halfwerk, Library Saxion University of Applied Sciences
  • Judith Hanekuijk, Library University Utrecht
  • Lilian van der Linden, Library Erasmus University Rotterdam (secretary)
  • Saskia Manuela-Bergmans, Library University Utrecht
  • Inge de Mönnink, Dedicon
  • Erna Sattler, Library University Leiden (chair)
  • Raymond Snijders, Library Windesheim University of Applied Sciences
  • Rineke Zwanenburg, Probiblio

The most important themes of the FJC at the moment are:

  • Copyright
    Copyright plays a major role in the practice of libraries and information centers, certainly also in the digital world. Topics discussed include ILL, the Copyright Act and the consequences for issues such as digital cutting newspapers, repositories, and archival copies.
  • Privacy
    New legislation can lead to invasion of privacy when libraries and information centers are requested to share the data of customers and users.