Klaas Gravesteijn, the new director of the Association of Public Libraries

Klaas Gravesteijn will be the new director of the Vereniging van Openbare Bibliotheken (VOB) (Association of Public Libraries ) from 1 July 2021. He currently works as a policy advisor for association affairs at the VOB.

Interim chair Anne Rube: ‘The board considers it of great added value that Klaas ensures continuity. We are also pleased with his qualities, potential and great commitment to and feeling for the sector and the relationships within it.’

Klaas Gravesteijn: ‘Libraries have an incredibly important function in society. I am happy to contribute to strengthening this. The VOB must be an association for, by and with the members, with an eye and attention for the diversity of the members. In addition, we can continue to grow in our role as a serious and reliable discussion partner for government authorities, stakeholders, and parties in the library network. With the library covenant, we have laid a solid foundation for the collaboration, which we will expand in the coming years.’

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