Call for papers: Knowledge Rights 21 programme

The Stichting IFLA Foundation Programme, supported by the grant from Arcadia Foundation, and in partnership with IFLA, LIBER and SPARC Europe has started with the implementation of a three-year programme, titled as: Knowledge Rights 21.

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Knowledge Rights 21 aims to mobilize the potential of Europe’s knowledge institutions, particularly libraries, to engage with others in order to implement reforms to copyright law and regulation, that enables libraries to provide significantly greater possibilities to access and use copyrighted works. The programme aims to promote reforms at the European and national levels, and to provide valuable examples for the rest of the world.

The main goal is to drive change in the following six areas where progress is both possible and necessary in the short term:

  • Facilitating access to e-books for users of public and academic libraries
  • Protecting users’ rights from contract override and technological protection measures
  • Socialising open norms in Europe
  • Advocating for legislated secondary publishing rights
  • Accelerating the uptake of rights retention and open licensing
  • Building a strong, active and sustainable network of individuals from the library field and above, in order to ensure fulfillment of the long-term goal that libraries can bring their voices to the table in subsequent reforms and debates, working closely with like-minded stakeholders.

For more information, please visit the Knowledge Rights 21 website:

  • Understanding the basis for Controlled Digital Lending in Europe
  • Copyright and Advocacy Training
  • Evaluating the State of Academic and Other Educational EBook Markets in Europe
  • Evaluating the impact of introducing Open Norms around the world
  • Evaluating the State of Trade EBooks Markets in Europe

Deadline for all submissions is 17 March 2022!

For more information visit the website:

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